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Landscapes From My Imagination

Copyrights, Reproduction and Downloads


All Paintings, Images, Reproductions and Downloaded images, are Copyright ©️2017, ©️2018, ©️2019, ©️2020

The title "Paintings By Tony"®️™️ ©️ 2018, ©️ 2019, ©️2020

The painting signature "TG" ©️ 2017, ©️ 2018, ©️ 2019, ©️2020

Explanation of Signature Line:

The signature is "TG"™️, Followed by the year " '19 "

Next is the Series number "10"

And finally the Painting number "12"


Anyone may download the images of my paintings for their pleasure, with my compliments.

You may reproduce, i.e. paint, have prints made, ect, for your own personal use. This is conditional. You must if painting add somewhere on the canvas "Original Painting by TG" or if having a print made, the printer must include my signature line.

Selling Reproductions

NO ONE may sell any Reproductions of my Paintings. 

You may, however, reproduce my Paintings for the purpose of donating them for a charity auction or raffle where the profits go to the charity.